Friday, November 8, 2013

Lessons in College Basketball #1

I know I have been a huge support and I know that college players have listened to me many times. I've been given some poor news about athletes that come from Philadelphia and it's disturbing to know that we are struggling because Philadelphia as a whole is not preparing our athlete, yet instead, we are rooting for them without critiquing. I'm going to give you a quick background on how this system for college athletes work and for any high school athlete that reads this, I pray they take this before they reach this level and focus on it's different details. If you have an misunderstandings about what I am saying, please contact me...It is my pleasure to explain or be of a support.

I need and want people to understand 1 thing about the college basketball system and I want people to read this, not as an attack, but as a serious note. "YOU ARE NOT GOD". You have never been and never will be. I need every student athlete to know. There is a 100% in the system and there is 4 different entities that control the system of you making or not making it.

#1. You.. You are only 25% of the package. With your play and positive character with following the rules and contributing more to the university and community than yourself. The system of you making it pro or doing what you need to do is bigger than you ever believe. Negative character, poor decisions and nasty attitudes will only count strikes against you.

#2. Media... Media will take your name and do as it please. It links with the other parts of the package but it takes a conscious understanding to know what it means to get on the right path for your future. Communication is valuable. The content you give during an interview is also.

#3. The School... The school has to be behind you. Create a system that helps exploit your skills. Too many guys go to schools just because of the name instead of the game. Too many guys have I seen go to a school and create a large negative imprint when you go to a school who doesn't embrace you and doesn't care anything about who you are and what you do. It'll will drown your career before it even starts.

#4. The Fans... They come from all over the country. They understand the person they are rooting for. When the athlete comes across the fans, The fans understand what the athlete is really about. Are they about themselves, others or the program. Prayerfully, it's all 3, but if it's just yourself, it doesn't work.

Monday, June 3, 2013

3rd Annual Mary Kline Classic 2013

Alex Kline
2013 Mary Kline Classic

Almost 10 years later... Mary Kline continues to fight.

Mary Kline is the mother of the Mary Kline Classic director and high school basketball recruiting analyst in Alex Kline. Alex began his career very early with scouting kids around the country. In time, it went from something he loved to do, to now having his own subscription for his own blog through Alex has been blessed with not only ability to write about players all around country but also work towards a personal goal in finding ways to raise money for fighting caner.

On Sunday June 2, 2013. Alex continued the battle with his mother's fight to raise $25,000 for defeating cancer. Alex, for the last 3 years have put some on the show of the year for High School Basketball with some of the best talent in the country. This year featured some of the biggest future stars in high school and college basketball.  This year became a little more interesting, being that Alex was able to get the support of some prestigious companies to help the fight. These companies are Nike and Skullcandy, 2 companies that have continued it's growth and support in the community.

This year honoree was Jaliah Armstrong who is from Georgia and is beating cancer. She, at a young age, has been working on continuing to help find ways of spread information on cancer and her story.

This year's competitive nature of basketball involved the Underclassmen, 3 Point Contest, Slam Dunk Contest and Senior Game. Of course me being from Philadelphia, I took a huge support to Rysheed Jordan (St. John's), Brandon Austin (Providence) and Ja'Quan Newton (Nuemann-Goretti). They were all able to come in the game and perform at a high level and do some really interesting things.

Ja'Quan Newton (Neumann-Goretti)

Rysheed Jordan (Vaux/St. John's)

Brandon Austin (Imhotep/Providence)

Underclassman game,
Isaiah Whitehead (Lincoln NY) (Co-MVP) 28 pts. 4 asst. 6 rbs. --- showed his ability to get to any point on the floor and dominate. Hit tough shots and shoot the ball efficiently.

Justin Jenifer (Milford Mill MD) (Co-MVP) 25 pts. 10 asst. 3rbs. --- Playmaker/Showstopper. He's a freak of nature at such a small size. He's about 5'9" but finds ways of passing the ball and playing tough.

Karl Towns (St. Joes Metuchen NJ/Kentucky) --- This guy committed early to Coach Calipari and you can see why. He has all the tools as a close 7 footer of NBA potential game. Finishes strong and great footwork.

Ja'Quan Newton (Neumann-Goretti Pa) 18 pts. 4 rbs. 4 asst. and 2 stls.--- shows why he is the future of Philadelphia Basketball. Great effort and ability to create shots for himself and others.

Malachi Richardson (Roselle Catholic NJ) --- If he's open, he's hitting it. He takes the game personal and shows the ability to defend anywhere on the floor with his 6'6" bulk body. Highly skilled.

Abdul-Malik Abu (Kimball Union Academy NH) --- Athletic and plays strong. He finds ways of hitting pretty good shots and doesn't go outside his game besides working hard.

Dion Wiley (Potomac MD) --- Big Guard who has the ability to change the tempo of the game. He really showed his ability get the job done at times during the game when others couldn't.

3 Point Contest

AJ Lapray (Sprague/Oregon) --- The Oregon commit proved to be everything and more. If he's open, it's his shot. He really showed that rhythm and won this competition.

Slam Dunk Contest

Jamar Ergas (22 Feet Academy KY) --- JUMPS OUT THE GYM. He really put on a show and showed people by jumping over 2 guys over 6'4" for a winning dunk.

Senior Game

Soma Edo (Richardson Berkner TX/Fresno St.) 26 pts. 8 rbs. --- Looks like Amare, Built like Amare and definitely plays like him. He has tremendous leaping ability and works harder than anybody on the floor.

Geno Thorpe (Shaler Pa/Penn St.) 20 pts. 4 rbs. 3 asst. --- He was able to hit all the necessary shots to keep his team ahead. He plays with tremendous energy and just got all the right opportunities.

Rysheed Jordan (Vaux PA/St. John's) 12 pts. 2 rbs. 7 asst. 5 stls. --- Provided all the excitement needed for the team to stay close in the game. Playmaker and aggressive game attitude.

Brandon Austin (Imhotep Pa/ Providence) 13 pts. 2 rbs. 4 asst. 1 stl. --- Plays will skill and has a great touch on his jump shot. His handle is above and beyond and great team player.

Tyler Roberson (Roselle Catholic NJ/Syracuse) --- Works hard on the block. Extremely talented with his touch on the floor and makes all the plays from the block but has a great face up game.

BJ Johnson (Lower Merion Pa/Syracuse) --- He's not Kobe but coming from his high school, he shows the potential to be a really good player. He takes great shots and does a great job ball handling as a linky lefty.

Kuran Iverson (Fishburne Military Va/Memphis) --- He has great size and plays with energy. Great motor and doesn't do more than he has to. He definitely has great skill for his size.

Jon Severe (Christ the King NY/Fordham) --- Holds his own and makes plays as a guard. Doesn't allow others to rush his game and he's very patient and potent with everything he does.

Josh Brown (St. Anthony NJ/Temple) --- Crafty as ever. He makes the game come very easy to himself. He works hard on both sides of the floor and has great length defensively.

MiKyle McIntosh (22 Feet Academy KY/Illinois St.) --- Doesn't do everything but makes some really strong and skilled plays. He's respectable and you have to love his ability to find his spots on the floor.

Thanks Alex for inviting to another year of this great event. Let the FIGHT CONTINUE. #LetsBeatCancer2gether

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nick Lindner (Trust is Everything)

Me and Nick Lindner

There's always that special player that no one really pays attention to until he starts to catch heat. Nick is that guy. 

Nick Lindner is a 5'10" PG from Germantown Academy who works as hard if not harder than any guard that I have ever met. He continuous and relentless work on his skill has landed him the opportunity to play for Lafayette University after he graduates from GA. Nick has done some great things such as score 1,000 points at the beginning of this season, but don't tell him that, he'll just tell you, he has much more work to do.

Nick is a crafty guard who can make a play when there is no play and he finds himself this season in as the favorite of the Inter-Ac, if not the Independent State. Pressure seems to surround this team with high expectations. This team has a group of D1 guys such as Julian Moore who is a 6'9" Forward who will be attending Penn State next year and then Greg Dotson who's a 6'5" F who has not made his decision yet but draw some really good offers. Along with Nick, there should be no problem, but as I had a conversation with Nick, he talks about what it takes for his team in the Questions and Answer below. 

I definitely know his career will end well and that he will have great success in college. He's a really guard and he's willing to work as hard as possible. Congratulations to a great Career with Nick and I hope and pray for great success.

Questions and Answers:

1. How is everything coming along so far with the season?

1. Everything has really started to come together in the past 5 games because we've learned to trust each other as teammates and accept whatever role coach has given us. I look forward to a strong second half of the season.

2. What was the reason you decided to go to Lafayette?

2. I decided to go to Lafayette because of how comfortable I felt with the team and coaching staff as well as it being a great academic school. It is also a short drive from where I live now in Doylestown.

3. Coming in, people see your team as the favorite for not just the Inter-Ac but the State Title...What do you think about that?

3. I think we have enough talent to do both of those things. However we need to continue to play together for the full 32 minutes every game and take nothing for granted. Every game will be a battle in the inter ac no matter who were playing. 

4. What is is like to play with a guys like Greg Dotson and Julian Moore?

 4. I love having the opportunity to play with Jules and dots because they open things up for everyone else. They run the break hard and Always make the right plays. This makes my job easier because the d is less likely to help in the lane when they have to cover one of those two. 

5. What's your goals for the year?

5. My goals for this year are to win the inter ac title and win the independent state title!

 Nick... You are the Best! (Thanks for the help with the article)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mike McGlinchey (Luck of the Irish)

Me and All American Notre Dame Football Player Mike McGlinchey 

There are thousands, if not millions of football players in the world, but Mike McGlinchey is definitely seems like the luckiest. The 6'9" 280 lbs. athlete, 1st cousins with Matt Ryan (Former Penn Charter/Atlanta Falcons QB) is not only 1 of the most feared but enjoyed guys around the Penn Charter campus. You can always seem Mike smiling and shaking hands with people after each game and enjoys spending some time to talk others and letting them know how things are going. I just happen to be the lucky guy this time to get the chance to speak to him 1 on 1 after his basketball game against the Hill School.

You can always tell that Mike loves to be around his friends and family because after each game, that's what  you can find him doing. Mike doesn't just excel in Football, he's a awesome basketball player to, but if you read the questions and answers at the bottom. Mike explained what happen when he decided to focus on Football.

Not every football player gets recruited by almost all the top programs in the country but Mike found his home in South Bend. Notre Dame is #1 in the nation right now and plans to take home the national title in Jan. when they face up with Alabama. Mike has a lot of things going on lately and in Jan. he will be traveling to California for the Semper Fidelis All American High School Football Game. Mike has definitely earned it with All Inter-Ac 3 years on Offense (Soph. 2nd Team, Jr. and Sr. First Team) and on Defense (Jr. and Sr. 1st Team). He is ranked 24th Nationally and continues to have the support and love of his family and friends around him. 

I wish Mike nothing but success and I definitely can't wait to see him play on Sunday in 4 to 5 years. Check out the conversation me and Mike had below. 

Questions and Answers with Mike McGlinchey

Question: What's the difference in Basketball season going into Sr. Year vs. Sr. Year with Football?

Answer: Preparation. I was more prepared because of my time working out for the football season vs. Basketball season. I had to jump right into it.

Question: How do you feel about the basketball season coming along?

Answer: We have some really good core people. Guys are really learning how to play together and I really think in time we will get better with the things we do.
Question: How is things with Notre Dame?

Answer: Awesome. Pretty sweet when you can come into a program that's #1 in the country. I was just up Notre Dame for my official visit. I got to meet a lot of the guys on the team and I got the chance to talk to Coach Kelly and the different coaches.

Question: How did you know you know that football was for you vs. Basketball?

Answer: I went up to Boston College for a basketball event and I realized I wasn't getting as high offers from basketball as football and that's when I realized I wanted to focus more on my football career and its worked out pretty good. And I definitely see myself doing this for the next 4 to 5 years.

Question: How has everything else been?

Answer: Really well, Just trying to get through the year as best as possible.

Statement: It's crazy about Manti Te'o (All American Notre Dame Linebacker) not getting the Heisman.

Answer: Yeah, He should have won it. I guess they gave it to best looking stats.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Overton and Jordan (Humble & Hungry...Why Not?)

Miles Overton (St. Joe's Prep) and Rysheed Jordan (Vaux)

What happens when you add Humble and Hungry with Why Not?... You get 2 of the most dangerous Players this year will see... 

Miles Overton of SJP and Rysheed Jordan of Vaux have been getting a lot of attention lately, not just for fact they are heavy hitters on the court, but they are crowd favorite off the court. Even with being 2 humble and hungry kids, they ask themselves, why not be great? 

Overton is a 6'3" SG from Philadelphia with the ability to take over games with a blink of an eye. He creates match up problems in the floor and takes no shot for granted, with his consistent approach to every play he's on the floor (offensively and defensively). Overton has the ability to shoot lights out and increase his different opportunities with taking advantage of his play over the summer time in big time camps such as Reebok Breakout Camp. Where he faced against some of the top prospects in the country and did not back down for one minute. 

Overton not only got the chance to play in this camp but he got the opportunity to play with his close friend Rysheed Jordan, who is a kid on the mission. Jordan broke out big time in his summer going into his junior year, where he tore Breakout Camp up and was invited to other top camps in the country such as the NBA Top 100 Camp. He never seemed to let his guard down because he would take things to another level.

Jordan is a 6'3 G from Philadelphia, who is known for his ability to play game after game after game with that itch that no other player has had in a long time. That itch gave him a ranking of 29th in the country and 5 in his position. Jordan became a crowd favorite for his ability to beat any man off the dribble and find ways of playing hard through double and triple teams.

These 2 guys have a lot in common but one thing does separate them, one has committed and the other is still due. As people enjoy the commitment of Overton to Wake Forest, people still await Jordan to break that list and make that special acknowledgement to where he will attend to further his career. Jordan's list left (from what I have been told) is St. John's, UCLA and Temple. There's no telling where he will go, but what everybody else does know, this is the year to watch something special, as both of these guys will cap off a great career.

Overton started his career at Academy of the New Church with other powerhouse players but found a home under legendary coach Speedy Morris. He continued to build on his already solid beginning with some special accomplishments, but still has not reached the goal he wanted. Ask anybody who knows Overton, he still has that last itch for a Catholic League Title. Let's not forget about Jordan, he's in the same boat. Even though, wildly known as the best player in the area, he still has something missing and prayerfully, him and coach Jamie Ross will make it happen this year.

Both of these guys have another special player on their team in Stephen Vasturia (SJP/Notre Dame) and Samme Foreman (Vaux), who comes from Haverford. The question is, will this be enough to get the job done for both of these guys, when they have deep competition with other schools in the area. Don't ask these guys if they care about other schools and what they got going on to stop them this year. All they know is, whatever is in front of them, must be taken out to make sure they get what they want... THAT GOLD TITLE!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Miles Overton (Best of Both Worlds)

Ask most kids, how to improve their game or how to break down schools and make a decisions. Most kids would struggle. Not Miles Overton , He's prepared for the future. One of the main reasons is...having a strong background starting with playing for one of the best coaches in Philadelphia Basketball History in Speedy Morris, who has coached at Roman Catholic & LaSalle University and now St. Joseph Prep.

Overton is a 6'3" G that just so happens to have the last name of Doug Overton, who just happens to be his father. D.O. has he is known, played at my alum (Dobbins High) and then moved on to LaSalle University and then drafted in the second round of the 1991 Draft to the Detroit Pistons and had a solid 14 year career. Now He's a position in the NBA's Nets organization.

Miles has offered by VCU, Drexel, Delaware, James Madison, San Fran, LaSalle. It seems as though, St. John's, UVA, Kansas, Rutgers, Maryland, Arizona St., Seton Hall, VTech, Penn State are all showing interest. He talks about how working out with pros and his dad in the summer time has really helped his game. He has shown improvement, even down to being able to post up guards to being able to hit the open shots and breaking down defenses. He has the complete package. It has made it known, that he definitely is proud of where he's from and enjoys learning from his father. He has taken so much of mental part of the game, that has helped him grow as a player a tough nose city. Even down to being invited to the Top 100 & Reebok Breakout Camp this past summer. He also talked to me about how he likes grow on his own also and be an original so people know, he can step up to the plate with his own game.

Keep an eye on this guy. By having the best of both worlds. He'll definitely have a bright future and make some great improvement through the time in his game.

Amile Jefferson (Philly's Finest)

Amile Jefferson... What can you say about this kid? McDonald's All American Nominee, Ranked 24th in the country, 3 Straight League & State Championship, All State & District, Top 100 Camp, Elite 24 & the list goes on. This kid probably has more trophies than any high school player that has ever played the game in the Philadelphia area. This past summer, he continued to work on his game and did a tremendous job during the summer with his AAU program. He continues to get recognition but if there is anything that catches the focus of other. It's the fact, he hasn't committed yet.

He is a 6'8" 195 lb. Foward with all the abilities that are needed to win. Not to forget, he attends one of the most prestigious programs in the Philadelphia area in Friends Central ...The same school that Hakim Warrick (Phoenix Suns), Mustafa Shakur (Overseas), Mike Cook (Overseas) and a host of others have attended to continue their success. He has been getting offers from schools like Villanova, NC State, Ohio State, Stanford, Temple, Maryland, not too mention interest from UConn & Kentucky. He seems to be the player to watch this year & people have really kept real good close. His father Malcolm Musgrove is at all his games and has been a tremendous support for the future of his career. Even though, everybody wants to know where he is going and what he will do for the future. One thing for sure, He'll do great wherever he goes and he is surely focused on winning his fourth straight title. He seems to be enjoying every moment of what should a excellent year.